Sunday, 7 November 2010

Version 1.3.1 - bug fix

  • Fixes a race condition which sometimes prevented the final bell from ringing.
  • Removes the notification sound when starting meditation. It now will ring the bell and not play the default system notification.


  1. Excellent updates. App working much better on htc desire. Only thing I would like is to be able to store multiple meditation profiles instead of having to manually change them each time. Many many thanks.

  2. You can already do this. On the profile editing screen either hit the menu button on your phone, then select "New Profile" or long click the top line of the list (i.e. the line that says "Profile Profile Name").

    Give the new profile a name and set it up however you want it.

    To change profiles the quickest way is to simply tap the profile name on the timer screen. That will bring up a selection box containing all your profiles.

  3. Hi Neill, thanks for this app. I've found it a real help.

    There's two features I'd love to see:

    * multiple bongs to signal the end of a meditation (in case I miss one, and end up staying far longer than I should!!)
    * The ability to stay in airplane mode until I switch out of the app once a meditation starts. As otherwise, emails start rushing in as soon as the last bell rings.

    Now, as a geek, I'd love to have a go at adding these myself (never done Android programming) but will understand if you want to keep a control of the code yourself.

    Thanks again, Upayavira

  4. Hi Upayavira,

    Thanks for the feedback. Glad you find the app useful. Both those are great ideas - I will look to include them in the next version.

  5. I've put together a quick blog post outlining what I'm planning for version 1.4.0. See


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