Saturday, 4 December 2010

Version 1.5.1 - Release Notes

A very minor release with a bug fix and a couple of changes that different users have requested:

  • Supports landscape mode (finally).
  • Adds setting to keep screen on while meditating.
  • Fixes refresh bug on timer screen.


  1. Great app! One feature that I would really appreciate is multiple bells at the _start_ of the meditation period.

  2. I love Meditation Timer!!

    I don't understand--why does the "MeditationTimerService" run all the time? It would be nice if this service only ran when a timer was active. I check my "Running Services" list a lot to minimize battery life and I don't understand why this service is always running.

    Thank you for a great application!

  3. The only thing the service does is run the timer. If the timer isn't running, then the service isn't doing anything, and therefore isn't using any battery.

    If it bothers you, try this - after you have finished using the timer, use the back button to go back to the home screen. That should shut the application down completely, including the service. It certainly does on my phone (HTC Desire).

    But honestly, I wouldn't worry about this. It won't be using any battery unless the timer is actually running. When you press start the application connects to the service and tells it to start the timer. Once the timer has stopped, the service is just sitting waiting to be told to start again.

  4. Hi! The app is great. Thank you! Please consider adding the option of many bells at the beginning: zen style sitting starts with 3 bells, then 1 at the end or 2 at the beginning of walking meditation and finally 1 at the end. So you may want such a pattern: 1 minute of preparation, 3 bells, 30 minutes of zazrn, 2 bells, 50in of walking, 1bell

    greetings, A.

  5. Ok. In the next release I will look to add functionality so that you can specify how many times you want to ring each bell. No promises though. My overriding aim is to keep the app simple, so if I think it over-complicates things it's not going in.

  6. The new version of the app is now ready. It includes the ability to set the number of bells to ring at the start, end, and for every interval you add.


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