Saturday, 15 January 2011

Version 1.6.0 - Release Notes

Version 1.6.0 includes the following changes:
  • Can now specify how many times to ring every bell. If you don't want a start bell, just set the number of times to zero.
  • The option to ring multiple end bells has been removed from the settings. You now specify this for each individual profile. If you are upgrading from an old version and you were using the setting to ring multiple bells, the new version will detect this and automatically set all your profiles to ring the end bell the correct number of times.
  • New setting to disable the screen lock. If you enable this it means that the phone won't lock while you are meditating, making it easier to switch it on and view the remaining time.
  • New setting to shorten the gap between bells. For example, if you have set the timer to ring 3 bells at the end of a meditation session, then currently the second bell won't start until the first bell has finished. In the new version, you can set "Enable Faster Bells" and then use the "Gap Between Bells" setting to specify how many seconds to delay before ringing each subsequent bell. I use this to ring 3 bells quickly at the end of the session (with a 0.5 second gap).
Version 1.6.0 does NOT contain move to SD card. Having looked into this, it will greatly complicate things if I enable this feature. Therefore I have taken the decision not to enable this functionality.

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  1. Great release Neill. I love this app. I'm using it as meditation helper daily, but now I just realized that I can use it like a GTD hack too. I'm using sessions of 85 minutes divided in 25 of work plus 5 of rest and again the same three times. Now I can keep myself focus in my work too :-)
    Just if was possible to set a different bell or custom sound to each interval would be fantastic.
    Thanks a lot.


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